Drive Share


Drive Share is a semi-scripted comedy that borrows the look of HBO’s ‘Taxi-Cab Confessions,’ minus all the depressing stories about crack addiction and child molestation. Each episode follows a few of our Drive Share drivers, as they shuttle people around town as part of this new, ‘shared economy.'

Owen Burke | @owenburke
Neil Casey | @notneilcasey
Alex Fernie | @FernieCommaAlex
Rob Huebel | @robhuebel
Brandon Johnson | @brandonjohnsn
Jason Mantzoukas
Jessica McKenna |
Claudia O'Doherty | @ClaudioODoherty
Jim O'Heir | @JimOHeir
Eddie Pepitone | @eddiepepitone
Charlie Sanders | @Charlie_Sanders
Paul Scheer | @paulscheer
Eliza Skinner | @elizaskinner
Jessica St. Clair | @Jessica_StClair
Milana Vayntrub | @MintMilana

Rob Huebel
Paul Scheer
Keith Quinn
Jonathan Stern

Rob Huebel
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