Farewell to the stupidly clever 'Childrens Hospital'

Washington Post - 4/18/16

It’s time to bid farewell to a beloved, Emmy-winning series known for fine writing, brilliant acting and over-the-top melodrama. READ MORE

Karen Gillan, Paul Scheer And Jonathan Stern Interview - Geek Week Special

Geek Week - 4/16/16

Marvel Digital's Manager of Video & Content Production Blake Garris and Watcher host Lorraine Cink speak with Karen Gillan (Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Who), Paul Scheer and Jonathan Stern (NTSF:SD:SUV). READ MORE

100 Insane Childrens Hospital Moments

Paste - 4/15/16

Over the course of seven seasons, Childrens Hospital has gone from aGrey’s Anatomy parody into one of the strangest shows on the already weird Adult Swim lineup. READ MORE 

Explosive Childrens Hospital Cast Drama: Rob Corddry and Rob Huebel Tell All

Inverse - 4/14/16

The beloved Adult Swim show is ending, and its stars have some bitter secrets to share. READ MORE

Netflix's A Futile & Stupid GestureStarts Principal Photography Today

Netflix - 4/14/16

Netflix, the world’s leading Internet TV network, announced that principal photography has begun today on its feature film A Futile & Stupid Gesture in Los Angeles, California. READ MORE

Netflix Rounds Out Cast of National Lampoon Movie A Futile & Stupid Gesture

The Hollywood Reporter - 4/14/16

Based on Josh Karp's best-selling 2006 book of the same name, the story chronicles the life and career of comic magazine co-founder Doug Kenney. READ MORE

Matt Lucas Joins National Lampoon Movie A Futile and Stupid Gesture 

The Hollywood Reporter - 4/14/16

Lucas joins the David Wain-directed biopic starring Will Forte and Domhnall Gleeson. READ MORE

A Photo Guide to the Insane Cast of Netflix’s National Lampoon Movie

Splitsider - 4/14/16

Based on Josh Karp's 2006 book, the film is packed with comedy pros. READ MORE

The Catch Star Elvy Yost to Play Will Forte’s Assistant in Netflix’s National Lampoon Movie (Exclusive)

The Wrap - 4/13/16

Up-and-coming actress Elvy Yost, who stars on ABC’s The Catch, has joined the ensemble cast of Netflix’s original movie A Futile & Stupid GestureREAD MORE

Paul Scheer to Play Paul Shaffer in Netflix’s National Lampoon Movie (Exclusive)

The Wrap - 4/12/16

The League alum Paul Scheer has been cast as Paul Shaffer in Netflix’s original movie A Futile & Stupid Gesture which tells the tragic story of National Lampoon co-founder Doug Kenney, TheWrap has exclusively learned. READ MORE

Emmy Rossum Joins Netflix’s National Lampoon Movie (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety - 4/13/16

Emmy Rossum is joining the ensemble of A Futile and Stupid Gesture Netflix’s biopic on National Lampoon co-founder Douglas Kenney. READ MORE

Doctors Strange: The Complete Oral History of Childrens Hospital

Wired - 4/13/16

When Hollywood writers went on strike in late 2007, a curious thing happened. READ MORE

Natasha Lyonne Joins Netflix’s National Lampoon Movie (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety - 4/11/16

Natasha Lyonne is in final negotiations to join the ensemble of Netflix’s “A Futile and Stupid Gesture,” the biopic on National Lampoon co-founder Douglas KenneyREAD MORE

Paul Scheer to Play Paul Shaffer in Netflix’s National Lampoon Movie (Exclusive)

The Wrap - 4/12/16

The League alum Paul Scheer has been cast as Paul Shaffer in Netflix’s original movie A Futile & Stupid GestureREAD MORE

Seth Green as Christopher Guest in the Doug Kenney/National Lampoon biopic, A Futile and Stupid Gesture!

Ain't It Cool News - 4/8/16

David Wain’s biopic of National Lampoon co-founder Doug Kenney has gotten a ton of choice cast members very quickly, and we can cap this week off with the news that Seth Green will be portraying Christopher Guest in the film. READ MORE

Seth Green Joins Netflix National Lampoon Biopic A Futile & Stupid Gesture

Deadline - 4/8/16

Casting continues on Netflix's A Futile & Stupid Gesture, with Seth Green signing on to play Christopher Guest. READ MORE

A Futile And Stupid Gesture: Netflix’s National Lampoon Pic Finds Its Ramis & Murray

Deadline - 4/7/16

Netflix’s upcoming biopic has cast Undateable‘s Rick Glassman and Kroll Show vet Jon Daly in key supporting roles as Harold Ramis and Bill Murray respectively. READ MORE

Veep’s Matt Walsh Joins Netflix’s A Futile & Stupid Gesture National Lampoon Pic

Deadline - 4/8/16

The fifth-season debut of HBO’s Veep is just over two weeks away, but Matt Walsh has jumped on board for some National Lampoon fun in A Futile And Stupid GestureREAD MORE

Thomas Lennon Joins Will Forte, Joel McHale in Netflix's National Lampoon Origins Movie (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter - 4/6/16

Thomas Lennon, who stars opposite Matthew Perry on CBS’ remake of The Odd Couple, has joined the cast of Netflix’s tragic story of National Lampoon co-founder Douglas Kenney, A Futile and Stupid Gesture. READ MORE

Broad City’s John Gemberling to Play John Belushi in Netflix’s National Lampoon Movie (Exclusive)

The Wrap - 4/5/16

Broad City actor John Gemberling is set to portray John Belushi in Netflix’s original movie A Futile & Stupid GestureREAD MORE

Joel McHale to Play Chevy Chase in Netflix’s National Lampoon Origin Pic

Variety - 4/5/16

Joel McHale has signed on to play comedy icon Chevy Chase in Netflix’s “A Futile and Stupid Gesture,” the biopic on National Lampoon co-founder Douglas Kenney. READ MORE

Netflix's National Lampoon Movie Just Found The Perfect Actor To Play Chevy Chase

CinemaBlend - 4/5/16

Joel McHale has been cast to portray comedianChevy Chase. READ MORE

Joel McHale to Portray Chevy Chase in Netflix's National Lampoon Origins Movie (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter - 4/5/16

Joel McHale is in final negotiations to portray Chevy Chase, with whom he starred on NBC’s Community, in Netflix’s tragic story of National Lampoon co-founder Douglas Kenney, A Futile and Stupid Gesture. READ MORE

Martin Mull Joins A Futile And Stupid Gesture

Deadline - 3/30/16

Martin Mull has signed on to a key role in A Futile and Stupid Gesture.  READ MORE

Domhnall Gleeson Joining Will Forte in National Lampoon Movie A Futile and Stupid Gesture

The Hollywood Reporter - 4/4/16

Domhnall Gleeson, who last year starred in Ex Machina and played a villain in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is joining Will Forte in A Futile and Stupid Gesture, Netflix’s movie about the founding of National Lampoon.  READ MORE

Domhnall Gleeson To Play National Lampoon Co-Founder In Netflix Film ‘A Futile And Stupid Gesture’

Deadline - 4/4/16

Domhnall Gleeson is making a deal to join Will Forte in A Futile And Stupid Gesture.  READ MORE

Will Forte to Star as 'National Lampoon' Co-Founder in Netflix Movie (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter - 3/16/16

Will Forte is attached to portray the man in the feature project, titled A Futile and Stupid Gesture, with David Wain, the co-creator of Wet Hot American Summer, on board to direct the project that is in negotiations to land at Netflix. READ MORE

Comedy Central Announces 2016-2017 Pilot Orders

TV Week - 3/31/16

The upcoming content development slate includes Rob Huebel's  Do You Want To See a Dead Body? READ MORE

Fullscreen SVOD Service Gets Long-Awaited Launch Date

VideoInk - 3/30/16

Fullscreen‘s long-anticipated SVOD service finally has a premiere date. The multi-platform media company announced today that it will debut on April 26. READ MORE

Peter Chernin Aims New Streaming Service at Social Media Users

New York Times - 3/30/16

Peter Chernin, who has made a career of beating Hollywood at its own game, is moving deeper into a crowded corner of the entertainment industry: streaming servicesREAD MORE

Fullscreen Set To Launch Ad-Free Subscription Service ‘fullscreen’ In April With Full Slate Of Originals

Tubefilter - 3/30/16

Fullscreen has finally pressed play on its long-awaited ad-free SVOD service, launching globally on April 26 and premiering Filthy Preppy TeensREAD MORE

We're Losing It: The End of Childrens Hospital

Paste Magazine - 3/25/16

Earlier this year Rob Corddry announced that Childrens Hospital was ending its phenomenally hilarious seven year run. READ MORE

Rob Corddry's Peaceful Breakup with Childrens Hospital

Splitsider - 3/15/16

Not long after talking with David Wain about the seemingly endless possibilities for Childrens Hospital, the news broke that this season would be its last. READ MORE

Talk at Google: Paul Scheer, David Wain, & Jonathan Stern

Google - 3/2/16

Comedy superstars Paul Scheer, David Wain, and Jonathan Stern stop by Google to discuss the influence of the internet on comedy, the development of 360 degree fart VR, and their various upcoming projects. READ MORE

Childrens Hospital To End After Season 7 on Adult Swim

Variety - 3/4/16

Adult Swim's Childrens Hospital is preparing to close its doors after its seventh season wraps next month. READ MORE

Childrens Hospital To End After Seven Seasons

Deadline - 3/4/16

Rob Corddry’s Emmy-winning live-action comedy Childrens Hospital will end after its seventh season, which is currently airing on Adult Swim. READ MORE

Childrens Hospital Is Ending After This Season. Rob Corddry Discusses the Decision.

Vulture - 3/4/16

After seven seasons, Childrens Hospital's creator and star, Rob Corddry, has decided it was time to hang up his stethoscope and bag holding his clown makeup. READ MORE

Rob Corddry’s Childrens Hospital Is Now the King of Accurate Oscar Predictions

Splitsider - 2/29/16

If you're looking for the most spot-on Oscar Winner predictions for next year, keep an eye on the team behind Adult Swim's Childrens HospitalREAD MORE

A Week in the LA Comedy Grind

Buzzfeed - 2/28/16

"Alright," David Wain say. The editor hits the spacebar to to stop the playback. "I think that would be funnier without Shirley saying, 'Well,' and without any air. READ MORE

There Is Nothing Like Childrens Hospital, and Childrens Hospital Is Like Nothing Else

AV Club - 2/20/16

Childrens Hospital exists outside of a world of consistent timelines or backstories. In fact, if the show were to finally just say that the entire cast of the show-within-a-show were immortal beings who travel through time and space, no one would even need to question that. READ MORE

Housewives Happy Hour: The Ultimate Real Housewives Alcohol Taste Test With Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider

Entertainment Tonight - 2/9/16

The Real Housewives don't just throw wine, they make it. We collected as many bottles as we could find, then invited comedians Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider over to serve as guinea pigs for us in a special edition of Housewives Happy Hour. READ MORE

Rob Corddry Guests on KCRW

KCRW - 2/3/16

Rob Corddry guest DJs on an episode of KCRW's Guest DJ Project, tackling the topics of love, procreation and real estate –all in a humorous fashion. He also pays tribute to his comedy inspiration, Steve Martin. READ MORE

'Childrens Hospital' on Rails: What Happens When a Comedian, a Producer and a Journalist All Board a Train in NYC

The Hollywood Reporter - 1/26/16

Every year Rob Corddry and Jonathan Stern of Adult Swim's Emmy-winning Childrens Hospital have turned a cross-country Amtrak ride into a writers room on rails, replete with jokes only 'reprehensible douchebags' could make. READ MORE

David Wain on Childrens Hospital and His Love for Short-Form Comedy

Splitsider - 1/26/16

[Splitsider] recently had the opportunity to chat with Wain about his experience thus far working on Childrens Hospital, his love of short-form, and the pleasure of working with Corddry and Stern. READ MORE

Comedy on Maui to Feature Has-Been Surf Pro Character

Honolulu Star Advertiser - 1/24/16

Whenever Stefan Schaefer drives through Paia on the north shore of Maui, where he lives, the screenwriter sees comedy in the former plantation town. READ MORE

Rob Corddry on Working with Jon Hamm

NBC - 1/18/16

He's the funniest person on set, and it's infuriating. READ MORE

10 Best Episodes of Childrens Hospital

Den of Geek - 1/22/16

With Childrens Hospital returning to Adult Swim for its seventh season, Den of Geek takes a look at their ten best episodes. READ MORE

Mustard Minute: Watch Rob Corddry’s First Game of Flip Cup

Sports Illustrated - 1/21/16

Rob Corddry stopped by the Sports Illustrated studios recently to talk about the upcoming season premier of Childrens Hospital and was promptly challenged to a game of flip cup by Tiffany Oshinsky. READ MORE

Tying Tubes with Rob Corddry: The Childrens Hospital Star Talks His Show’s Seventh Season

Flood Magazine - 1/21/16

Corddry is enthused to discuss the return of Childrens Hospital, the comedy he co-created and stars in, which returns for its seventh season on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim on Friday, January 22. READ MORE

Rob Corddry Interviewed on the Morning Blaze with Gus and Izzy

105.1 The Blaze - 1/21/16

Rob Corddry talks Childrens Hospital and Zach Galifianikis on The Morning Blaze with Gus and Izzy. READ MORE

Rob Huebel Goes From Transparent to Comedy to Virtual Reality

The Guardian - 1/22/16

With so many channels and websites hungry for original work and so many comic actors making a dozen or more projects a year, it was probably inevitable that Rob Huebel would have a multiple-personality moment like the one he’s having today. READ MORE

Rob Corddry Talks Childrens Hospital on Late Night

NBC - 1/18/16

Rob Corddry appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss the season 7 premiere of Childrens Hospital. READ MORE

Rob Corddry Talks Childrens Hospital on Good Day LA

Fox LA - 1/19/16

Rob Corddry has got an upcoming comedy show, he's gearing up for the second season of Ballers with Dwayne Johnson, and the season premiere of his Emmy-winning show Childrens Hospital, which airs Friday night. READ MORE

Shorty Awards Nominees Include Hotwives

Hollywood Reporter - 1/19/16

The Hotwives of Las Vegas have been nominated for Best Web Series at the 2016 Shorty Awards. READ MORE

Childrens Hospital's Fake British Version Was Just As Crazy As the Original

Splitsider - 12/15/15

With the series being so game with mixing things up and never taking itself too seriously, the idea of turning the show into an old British series, not unlike Eastenders, is right up their alley. READ MORE

Childrens Hospital Returns January 22nd

Adult Swim - 12/14/15

Childrens Hospital season 7 will premiere Friday, January 22 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim. Click for the new trailer! READ MORE

MST3K Passes Six Million Dollars!

Kickstarter - 12/11/15

Mystery Science Theater 3000 blew past its 5.5 million dollar goal to reach 6.3 million dollars and become the most funded project of its category in Kickstarter history. READ MORE

10 Best Netflix Binge-Watches of the Year: 2) Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Cosmopolitan - 12/11/15

Clearing an entire day for a comedy in which your favorite adult comedians (Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler) play teen camp counselors? Nothing to be ashamed of. READ MORE

Critics’ Choice Award Nominations Include Wet Hot Nod

Variety - 12/14/15

John Slattery has been nominated for the Critics' Choice Award for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as Claude Dumet in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. READ MORE

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland Are Both Writing For the New MST3K

AV Club - 12/9/15

Having already announced a nerd-star-studded telethon to close out the campaign, Hodgson has now revealed a host of guest writers—including Community’s Dan Harmon and his Rick And Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland—who’ll be contributing their snarky acumen to the captives of the Satellite Of Love. READ MORE

25 Best TV Shows of 2015: 18. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Rolling Stone - 12/2/15

First Day of Camp is...a crazy idea that seemed doomed to disappoint, an embarrassing nostalgia trip, except against all odds it turns out to be the real thing. READ MORE

Patton Oswalt is TV's Son of TV's Frank on the New Mystery Science Theater 3000

AV Club - 11/30/15

Patton Oswalt has joined the recently rebooted version of MST3K as the henchman to Felicia Day's Mad. READ MORE

Felicia Day to Play Mad Scientist in Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reboot

Tubefilter - 11/24/15

Creator Joel Hodgson has delivered an exciting bit of casting news: Felicia Day, known for her roles in web programs like The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, will play the mad scientist who serves asMST3K’s primary antagonist. READ MORE

How Mystery Science Theater 3000 Came Back to Life

Vulture - 11/24/15

Earlier this month, Joel Hodgson revived MST3K with a Kickstarter that funded at least three new episodes, and more are on the way if the fans keep giving. READ MORE

Pool a Microlens of Resistance

Daily Dispatch - 11/5/15

Filming a documentary at Parkside's sparkling Ruth Belonsky Pool is both a personal and historical journey for Los Angeles filmmaker Joanne Belonsky, who was forced to leave East London with her family to escape the chilling threats of the apartheid security police. READ MORE

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter Hits $2M Goal in First Week

Vulture - 11/17/15

Only six days after its launch, MST3K creator Joel Hodgson's Kickstarter to crowdfund three new episodes of the series has hit its $2 million goal. READ MORE

3 Reasons to Move to Digital Content

Backstage - 11/13/15

Jon Stern has been part of some of the most exciting new comedy on television and the Web in the last five yearsREAD MORE

Bring Back MST3K

Kickstarter - Nov 10, 2015

With your help, we can bring Mystery Science Theater 3000 back to life for a new generation, with a new season of up to TWELVE feature-length episodes. READ MORE

Pool a microlens of resistance

Daily Dispatch - 11/5/15

Filming a documentary at Parkside's sparkling Ruth Belonsky Pool is both a personal and historical journey for Los Angeles filmmaker Joanne Belonsky, who was forced to leave East London with her family to escape the chilling threats of the apartheid security police. READ MORE

Anything Is Possible

Produced By - Oct/Nov 2015

Jonathan Stern creates the space for the ridiculous to become reality. READ MORE

'Burning Love' Duo Ink Pod Deal With Insurrection Media

Hollywood Reporter - 9/25/15

Digital producers Jonathan Stern and Keith Quinn have set up a multi-year exclusive pod deal at newly established digital TV studio Insurrection Media. As part of the deal, the duo that brought Burning Love to Paramount will develop and produce comedy series that Insurrection will own and distribute on both digital and linear platforms. READ MORE

What Indie Film and Web Series Taught 'Wet Hot American Summer' Super-Producer Jonathan Stern

Indiewire - 9/22/15

You might not immediately recognize Jonathan Stern's name, but if you've watched anything funny over the last 10 years, you've more than likely seen his work. Working behind the scenes, Stern produces comedy on a platform-agnostic level. This means that in an industry where tons of potential films and TV shows die unseen, he actually gets projects made. Which is why comedians keep coming back to work with him. READ MORE

First Day Of Camp proves that size matters for reboots

AV Club - 8/31/15

There was little in Wet Hot American Summer to suggest it should be resurrected. But Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp wound up as one of the great pleasures of the summer, a series so easily enjoyed that it’s only now sinking in what a rare accomplishment it was. READ MORE

How Lake Bell Brings An Auteur's Touch To The Absurdity On 'Childrens Hospital' – Emmys

Deadline - 8/28/15

When scripts are doled out, Lake Bell tends to land the ones calling for an auteurish sensibility, and the stylistic punchline in “Cyrano” is how she stages a game of telephone between several parties who are feeding lines to Dr. Blake and his love interest Roxanne. READ MORE

Higher and Higher: Inside the Brilliant Mind Behind the Music of Wet Hot American Summer

Uproxx - 8/27/15

From the “Wet Hot American Summer” theme song, to “Higher and Higher," to even the shortest 30-second background arrangement, each musical piece is straight out of the mind of Craig Wedren. READ MORE

Jonathan Stern Breaks Down Mr. Show’s “The Audition”

Splitsider - 8/26/15

For this week’s installment of Sketch Anatomy we spoke with Jonathan Stern, who is the founder and president of Abominable Pictures. I spoke with Stern about how he first discovered Mr. Show, what makes “The Audition” a perfectly constructed sketch, and his own projects. READ MORE

Magic, Music and Nick Offerman's Sex Advice: An Evening With Childrens Hospital

Indiewire - 8/26/15

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater hosted the cast and producers of Rob Corddry's TV comedy for an evening of absurdist humor, magic tricks and a charming duet about teaching Jesus how to bone. READ MORE

Wet Hot composer Craig Wedren on crafting First Day Of Camp’s sonic world

AV Club - 8/26/15

Creators Michael Showalter and David Wain needed a jukebox worth of pop music for their ’80s-set camp movie spoof, but with a pinched music licensing budget, Craig Wedren opted to write and record 30 period-specific originals. READ MORE

Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer Drove 'Crash Test' to Vimeo in Search of "Creative Freedom"

Decider - 8/21/15

Scheer and Huebel made Crash Test on a shoestring budget, and their biggest expense was the bus. They enlisted A-listers like Aziz Ansari and Aubrey Plaza, Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant, Rob Corddry and Natasha Leggero to perform sketches for the audience on the bus. READ MORE

The Hotwives of Las Vegas Casually Discuss...Lady Parts

People - 8/20/15

Angela Kinsey, Tymberlee Hill, and Andrea Savage go there during an anything-goes game of Chatter. WATCH HERE

Can Chris Pine Sing? WHAS is One of His Great Performances

Bustle - 8/20/15

In one of the final scenes of the reboot, Pine has his golden god moment when he climbs on the roof and breaks out into a version of "Higher and Higher" to bring together the kids from Camp Firewood and the rival, evil rich kid camp. Those were really his pipes, and the boy can belt. READ MORE

Q&A: Thomas Barbusca of ‘WHAS: First Day of Camp’

303 Magazine - 8/20/15

At only the peak of his pre-teen years, Barbusca has a resume that would put actors twenty years his senior to shame. He joins the likes of Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd for a trip back to 1981 summer camp. His insults are iconic, he swears all of his burps are real, and he’s only just getting started. READ MORE

The 'Hotwives' Begin Their Second Season on Hulu

Tubefilter - 8/19/15

Paramount Digital and Abominable Pictures have developed a distinct flavor for their collaborations, and Hotwives is no exception. Its biting satire of reality TV stars will play well with genre fans, and its numerous guest stars provide a steady stream of entertainment. READ MORE

The Hotwives of Las Vegas Star Angela Kinsey Shares the Real Housewives Inspiration Behind Her Character

Glamour - 8/18/15

I had a scene that we were filming on the Vegas strip at 5 o'clock on a Friday. I had to greet people like, “Have a Vegas day today!” and “Are you having a Vegas day?” I felt like the Vegas ambassador. READ MORE

How L.A.'s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Filmed an Entire Improv Show on a Tiny Tour Bus

Adweek - 8/18/15

Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer had an idea. They wanted to take their weekly live comedy show  on the road. So they did something unusual: they found a giant tour bus that normally roams the streets of Manhattan, brought it to L.A., filled it with an audience and hit the town. READ MORE

'Hotwives' Star LaMonica Garrett Previews Life as Phe Phe's New Man

HNGN - 8/18/15

Adonis is a "reformed cirminal" who tends to talk himself into trouble, but his lady Phe Phe Reed is willing to look past all that. READ MORE

The Wet Hot American Summer Prequel Loves Jokes, Hates Plots, And Is Perfect

The Concourse - 8/18/15

What sets First Day Of Camp apart from most comedies is that it is completely contemptuous of its own plot. It’s the enjoyable kind of contempt; the series is not self-deprecating or nostalgic, but rather shares the same exaggerated lunacy that runs through the original movie. READ MORE

Casey Wilson On Playing ‘Trash’ On ‘Hotwives Of Las Vegas'

Uproxx - 8/18/15

"I play Jenfer, J-E-N F-E-R, and I am just trash…is the best way to describe my character. She’s a husky-voiced, drinking and smoking pregnant woman." READ MORE

10Qs: Tymberlee Hill on Hotwives, Casey Wilson & Meeting NeNe Leakes

Out - 8/18/15

"Phe Phe is the loudest, but this is the one group where being the loudest doesn’t make you the most heard. You’re a good one to get a word in. I mean, we have Keegan-Michael Key this season, and he’s maybe one of the funniest improv people I’ve worked with. Every guest star is amazing." READ MORE

Bingeworthy: What happens in Vegas stays funny in Hulu's 'Hotwives'

The Cap Times - 8/18/15

This season features most of the same fearlessly funny actresses from “The Hotwives of Orlando,” but now playing a different cast of Hotwives in Vegas. It’s like show creators Danielle Schneider and Dannah Phirman are creating their own interconnected universe of bored, rich housewives. READ MORE

'The Hotwives of Las Vegas' Cast Take on 'Real Housewives' Personas with Ease

Bustle - 8/18/15

The Hotwives has a new group of ladies living in Las Vegas, who are spoofing all new members of the Real Housewives family. The parody will be a mix of several different franchises and several different women from them, with just as many laughs to be found. READ MORE

The Hotwives of Las Vegas Streaming on Hulu

Hulu - 8/18/15

This on-going parody, now streaming on Hulu, moves to Las Vegas and brings a new cast of characters to the city where dreams and fortunes are made every day, and crushed every day. Brace yourself for double the drama, triple the heartbreak, and seven times the fake boobs. WATCH HERE

FYC: Childrens Hospital - Just Like Cyrano de Bergerac

Nominated for an Emmy, in this episode, Blake asks Glenn to coach him through a new romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Chief and Cat prank call Sy. WATCH HERE

The last will be first: The WHAS prequel's time games

National Post - 8/18/15

Almost all of the comedy of David Wain and Michael Showalter is shot through with such rampant self-awareness that a minor slip of savviness on the audience’s part can leave everyone involved lost in the wilderness. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is rife with this kind of stuff. READ MORE

The Hotwives of Las Vegas Review

Entertainment Weekly - 8/17/15

We’re living in a golden age of genre parody. And the Hotwives redux—which for purely nonsensical reasons has moved from Orlando to Sin City—earns a spot at the top of the pack. READ MORE

The Hotwives of Las Vegas'Tymberlee Hill Previews Another Wild Season

The TV Junkies - 8/17/15

Look out Las Vegas because here comes the Hotwives! “You know the real tagline should be ‘What happens in Vegas ends up on the Hotwives’,” jokes star Tymberlee Hill. READ MORE

Actors mistaken for hookers on Hulu ‘Hotwives’ satire

New York Post - 8/17/15

What happens in Orlando slays 'em in Vegas. Hill, Kinsey, and Savage recently huddled on a sofa for a freewheeling chat about meeting “Real Housewives,” coveting “Hotwives” couture and getting mistaken for prostitutes. READ MORE

How Comedy Lost Its Mind (Again): 'Wet Hot American Summer' and Our Return to the Absurd

The Daily Beast - 8/15/15

The things that made Wet Hot American Summer idiosyncratic and confusing are now hilarious given our current comedy climate. It’s 15 years later and absurdist comedy rules once again. READ MORE

Rob Corddry Shares His 3 Favorite Childrens Hospital Episodes

TV Insider - 8/15/15

We asked Corddry to select his favorite episodes from the recently concluded sixth season, so if you have time to catch only a few of them before the series returns next year, make it these three. (Although considering they’re only 15 minutes each, exactly how busy are you?) READ MORE

Hotwives of Las Vegas on Today

Today - 8/14/15

Hoda and guest cohost Meredith Vieira get a lesson in fake slapping from the ladies who star in "Hotwives of Las Vegas," Angela Kinsey, Andrea Savage and Tymberlee Hill, and they share what it's like working on the hilarious parody show. WATCH HERE

Angela Kinsey, Andrea Savage & Tymberlee Hill Live

uffpost Live - 8/14/15

The ladies stop by to dish on the latest season of their hit parody show "The Hotwives of Las Vegas," which parodies the ultra-popular Bravo reality franchise. WATCH HERE

Scene it Before: Calamigos Ranch from Wet Hot American Summer

LA Magazine - 8/13/15

Wet Hot American Summer, which is set in 1981, shot at an actual sleepaway camp named Camp Towanda in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. For the prequel, which covers the first day of camp that same summer, producers chose to shoot a bit closer to home, at Calamigos Ranch. READ MORE

'Hotwives of Las Vegas' are wilder than ever in new season

Fox - 8/12/15

FOX411 caught up with the cast at the screening and got a preview of some of the drama that fans have come to expect from the Hulu parody. Schneider, who co-wrote the series and plays Denise on the show, explained the cast aimed to take things to the next level this time around. READ MORE

Every in-joke and reference in WHAS: First Day Of Camp

AV Club - 8/12/15

Much like its filmic predecessor, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp is full of deep references. The new series takes things further, referencing not only era-appropriate media and clothing, but also dropping in little Easter eggs that shout out the original film. READ MORE

2015 Streamys Nominations: The Hotwives of Orlando

The Hotwives of Orlando garnered three nominations for this year's Streamys awards. Congrats to the entire cast (Best Ensemble) Casey Wilson (Best Actress), and Dannah Phirman and Danielle Schneider (Best Writing). READ MORE

Hotwives of Las Vegas Premiere

The Wrap - 8/11/15

Hulu and Paramount Digital Entertainment premiered the second season of the parody series that takes aim at the Countess, Bethenny, jailbird Giudice, Nene Leakes, and the wannabe Nene’s that consume Bravo’s schedule. READ MORE

Your Guide to All of the Crazy Celebrity Cameos in 'Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp"

Decider - 8/11/15

Wet Hot American Summer has one of the most star-studded casts in film history. While most of these newbies only pop up for a brief cameo in a classic character’s backstory, some have parts that steal the show. READ MORE

Hulu's Hotwives of Las Vegas Gambles on Another Tongue-in-Cheek Satire of the Housewives Franchise

TV Insider - 8/10/15

What happens in Vegas most definitely will not be staying in Vegas. This year, the series revamps, moving to Nevada and employing (mostly) the same actresses to play (mostly) new characters in The Hotwives of Las Vegas. Here’s a primer on the ready-to-roll Hotwives. READ MORE

'The Hotwives of Las Vegas' cast reveals favorite 'Real Housewives' role models

New York Daily News - 8/10/15

The stars of the satirical Hulu series “The Hotwives of Las Vegas” have revealed the “Real Housewives” on which they based their portrayals.  And one is a shocker – that one of the “Hotwives” stars doesn’t watch any “Real Housewives” shows. READ MORE

5 Things We Learned Talking to Wet Hot American Summer’s ‘Burp King’

Vulture - 8/10/15

There are about 30 major comedic actors in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, but the biggest breakout performance by far is by Thomas “the Burp King of Westchester” Barbusca. We caught up with the 13-year-old actor to find out a little more about the Wet Hot set and the now-iconic TV bully. READ MORE

Crash Test Trailer

Vimeo - 8/7/15

Adapted from their beloved comedy show at Upright Citizens Brigade, Crash Test showcases Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer on a state-of-the-art party bus adventure, picking up famous comedians and celebrities as they go on a sightseeing tour of Los Angeles. WATCH HERE

Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Wet Hot American Summer'

NPR - 8/7/15

Given that Wet Hot American Summer came out in 2001, given that it starred twentysomething actors playing teenagers at summer camp, given that its box-office grosses were in the low six-figures, and given that many of the movie's stars have gone on to much bigger things, how on earth is such a reunion even possible? LISTEN HERE

The Hotwives Of Las Vegas are just as refined as their Orlando counterparts

AV Club - 8/6/15

The series has updated its name to Hotwives Of Las Vegas, swapping one gold-plated, McMansioned hellscape for another. Tymberlee Hill’s Phe Phe is the throughline character that the series follows from Florida to Nevada. Angela Kinsey, Casey Wilson, and Andrea Savage are also returning, but have been recast into new roles, which should work fine seeing as these characters look just as awesomely awful as their previous incarnations. READ MORE

Paramount Digital To Premiere ‘Crash Test’ Comedy Special With Vimeo

Tubefilter - 8/5/15

Through projects like Burning Love (Yahoo), Hotwives (Hulu), and Beef (iTunes), Paramount Digital has brought quality comedy to multiple online platforms. With its latest project, it is working with yet another distributor: Vimeo. The digital wing of the Hollywood studio will bring a comedy special called Crash Test to the Vimeo On Demand platform. READ MORE

Lake Bell on Joining the Wet Hot American Summer Cast, Playing Donna, and Her Baby

Vulture - 8/5/15

In her latest role, Bell joins the cast of comedy who’s-whos in Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer prequel as Donna, Coop's exasperating love interest. Bell discusses her relationship with the first Wet Hot, what it was like being a newbie at camp, and how she juggled being a new mom and saying funny lines at the very same time. READ MORE

8 Awkward ‘Wet Hot American’ Looks, Explained

The New York Times - 8/5/15

Leslie Schilling, the costume designer for the new Netflix series “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” discusses the show’s most memorable looks. READ MORE

The Hotwives Head to Las Vegas in the Exclusive Trailer for Season 2

ET Online - 8/4/15

This season sees Phe Phe Reed (reprised by Tymberlee Hill) move from Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada. There she encounters a new set of ladies based on Real Housewives favorites. Among them are the Southern b***h Jenfer Beudon (a very pregnant Wilson), neurotic Denise Funt (Schneider), ex-model Ivanka Silversan (Savage), matriarch Leona Carpeze (Phirman), First Lady Stephanie (Kinsey), and wiccan Callie Silversan (played by season two newcomer, Erinn Hayes). WATCH HERE

Michael Ian Black and Seth Meyers Talk ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

Late Night - 8/5/15

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp debuted on Netflix last week, so during Late Night, Seth Meyers asked Michael Ian Black what it was like to return to his character 15 years after the movie as well as being the man who broke in Bradley Cooper before he was a Hollywood superstar. WATCH HERE

Behind the Music of ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

Newsweek - 8/4/15

Viewers of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp will likely find themselves playing Name That Tune. But Shazam searches will be unsuccessful; from the Broadway musical, Electro City, that the counselors perform to the acoustic singalong that Paul Rudd’s character leads at a party, all of the period-sounding songs were composed by Craig Wedren, a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. READ MORE

The Best Bits from Sketch Comedy Anthology Movies

IFC - 8/4/15

The Ten: David Wain’s sketch movie based on the Ten Commandments has an excellent ensemble cast (Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, Jon Hamm, Winona Ryder and members of The State). But the standout sequence is “Lying Rhino.” For one thing, in the live-action movie, this is the cartoon segment — animated by Augenblick Studios. For another thing, it stars Jon Benjamin. Lastly, there’s a deadly wiener-dog sex orgy. WATCH HERE

Ranking the Smoothest Dance Moves of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Vanity Fair - 8/3/15

There are high-stakes fights, highly choreographed musicals, and, of course, sexual mishaps aplenty. It’s so much to process that, for now, we’re just going to focus on one thing: the smoothest dance moves from the re-united cast of Wet Hot American Summer. Go ahead, try them at home. READ MORE

An Ode to Wet Hot American Summer's Absurd Theme Song

GQ - 8/3/15

Like Wet Hot American Summer, it's not quite clear what “Jane” is doing when it starts. "Jane," a 1979 song by Jefferson Starship, opens the 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer as well as the Netflix's new prequel series for the show. "Jane" is used in every episode of the series in some fashion—and for every beat of its four minutes and ten seconds, “Jane” is a perfect, complex, trash-gem of a work of art. READ MORE

What I Did on My Wet Hot American Summer Vacation

BuzzFeed - 8/1/15

It seems like nearly everyone in 2001’s cult favorite returned for the new Netflix prequel series — but not me. How I survived fake summer camp, a daunting first kiss, and a career as a child actor. READ MORE

Camp Classic

IGN - 7/31/15

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp - the Netflix prequel series to 2001's Wet Hot American Summer that we never knew we desperately wanted - is very funny. In fact, it's freakin' hilarious for uber-fans of the original. As a die-hard fan of the film, I'm here to tell you that it's miraculously awesome. READ MORE

The Hotwives Head to Las Vegas in the Exclusive Trailer for Season 2

ET Online - 8/4/15

This season sees Phe Phe Reed (reprised by Tymberlee Hill) move from Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada. There she encounters a new set of ladies based on Real Housewives favorites. Among them are the Southern b***h Jenfer Beudon (a very pregnant Wilson), neurotic Denise Funt (Schneider), ex-model Ivanka Silversan (Savage), matriarch Leona Carpeze (Phirman), First Lady Stephanie (Kinsey), and wiccan Callie Silversan (played by season two newcomer, Erinn Hayes). WATCH HERE

The Screwball Sweetness of the “Wet Hot American” Prequel

The New Yorker - 7/31/15

That day has arrived: fourteen years later, they’ve made it their beeswax to reunite for a prequel. “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” a new eight-episode series, makes its début today on Netflix. The entire cast—despite fame, schedules, and improbability—returns; happily, it’s a deliriously fun reunion. It’s wet hot American summer fun, and everybody wants to jump in the pool. READ MORE

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Review

Paste - 7/31/15

“Camp Firewood is more than a summer camp. Camp Firewood is an idea, a promise, a way of life.” In the almost decade and a half since Wet Hot American Summer has come out, this has proven true. The fact that we get to visit Camp Firewood once again is incredible enough, but the fact that this world remains just as hilarious as we left it is close to a miracle. READ MORE

How Wet Hot American Summer redeemed Netflix’s comedic reputation

Ars Technica - 7/31/15

First Day of Camp is a pretty big deal for Netflix. For starters, it's good—really, it's hilarious—but it also sees Netflix making a valuable detour that may very well define its future as a comedy outlet. You only need to watch a few minutes of WHAS to see Netflix kiss that aspiration goodbye. Netflix's dive into an early '80s summer camp feels like a real step toward streaming comedy's future. READ MORE

'Wet Hot American Summer' on Netflix -- ready your high tolerance for profane comedy

Los Angeles Times - 7/30/15

“Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” premieres Friday on Netflix, where over the course of eight episodes it will weave its fantastically tangled, incredibly busy tale of a single day. I found it all funny, and even strangely compelling; it has crazy multi-thread narrative thrust. (It is like the “Ulysses” of camp-movie parodies in this respect.) READ MORE

Wet Hot American Summer Cast Interviews

Under the Radar - 7/30/15

All this week we'll be posting interviews with various cast members (as well as the creators) of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, which will start streaming on Netflix this Friday. READ HERE

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and the Complications of Revivals

Vulture - 7/30/15

Revival shows feel a little like an unfair question: If we met each other now, would we still be friends? Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp reminds us of this in its opening moments. "Camp Firewood is more than a summer camp. Camp Firewood is an idea," we're told. That's true. It's just a bigger idea, maybe, than the show realizes. READ MORE

Janeane Garofalo on Wet Hot American Summer’s Cult Status and Quitting the Internet

Time - 7/30/15

Janeane Garofalo doesn’t know when she’ll watch all of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, the eight-episode prequel to the 2001 cult film she starred in, which begins streaming on Netflix this Friday. That’s because she doesn’t use the Internet anymore. Streaming services and smartphone technology aren’t the only things that have changed since Wet Hot American Summer premiered 14 years ago. The film’s intense cult following? Garofalo already predicted that back when she was making the movie. READ MORE

High Camp: The Giddy, Goofy Return of ‘Wet Hot American Summer'

Grantland - 7/30/15

For the dozens of other stars jostling each other in the credits, First Day of Camp represents a much-needed breather from our frenzied, over-the-top television age. As a fan of the original film, I’m happy to say that First Day of Camp is plenty enjoyable and a worthy follow-up to a movie that has grown cultishly popular in the years since its release. But as fun as it is to watch, it appears to have been 10 times as much fun to make. READ MORE

'Wet Hot American Summer' goes back in time

USA Today - 7/29/15

The 2001 cult movie about counselors at a sleep-away camp, a flop that morphed into an unlikely fan darling, returns Friday as an eight-episode prequel set earlier in the summer of 1981. The original cast is back for a hot-blooded romp at Camp Firewood, a low-rent institution in Maine. READ MORE

Remembering the Weirdness of 'Wainy Days', David Wain's Post-'Wet Hot' Web Series

The Decider - 7/30/15

If you’re in need of something short and sweet to watch at your desk, we have you covered. This week’s pick is from mad comedy man David Wain, who, after Wet Hot American Summer, created the bonkers web series Wainy Days, starring many of his movie’s cast members. READ MORE

‘Wet Hot American Summer’: Oral History Details False Starts, Faking Camp Firewood

Variety - 7/29/15

Wain: "For the original movie, a lot of us – myself included – it was our first time on any feature-film set, or any professional set, really. We were really just kids in a crazy summer-camp candy shop. This shoot was not quite like that." READ MORE

Jason Schwartzman and Josh Charles talk joining Wet Hot American Summer prequel

Entertainment Weekly - 7/29/15

We bring you some bonus quotes from our conversations with two new recruits, Schwartzman, who plays straight-laced boys head counselor Greg, and Charles, who plays a preppy jerk of a counselor named Blake at rival Camp Tigerclaw across the lake. READ MORE

Wet Hot American Summer’First Day Of Camp is as sweet as the last

AV Club - 7/29/15

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp feels like a can’t-miss. The Netflix miniseries landed its first joke before a single frame was shot. The session that ends in Wet Hot American Summer is just getting started in First Day Of Camp. With more real estate to tell their story, Showalter and Wain craft an absurdly momentous day in the Maine wilderness, one involving government conspiracies, secret identities, and a remarkably professional production of a Broadway musical. READ MORE

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Featurette

Catch an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the prequel series, coming to Netflix July 31st. WATCH HERE

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp: On the set of the prequel

Entertainment Weekly - 7/28/15

It’s a crisp afternoon in February, but summer has come early to the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. Specifically, the summer of ’81. For the past seven weeks, the venue’s rolling grounds have been repurposed as the set of the Netflix prequel Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Kids in striped shirts and knee-high socks have been tossing Frisbees and facing off in burping contests. Adults in cutoffs and sleeveless shirts, playing teenagers, have been smoking cigs, sucking face, and getting up to assorted kinds of no good. READ MORE

First look Netflix review: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

VODzilla - 7/28/15

14 years of devotion deserves its prizes, yet it’s rare for such an undeniably niche fan base to be so richly rewarded. 14 years and it’s now Netflix that chooses to rechristen the gates of Camp Firewood for an eight episode series. Now, when its cast have gone on to become Marvel heroes and Oscar nominees. Yet each collaborator here returns to set as if the cameras had never stopped rolling, proving First Day of Camp to be both a treasure to its fans and a wonder to the uninitiated. READ MORE

Review: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Seems Like Old Times

Time - 7/28/15

Even by the standards of today’s reboot/remake/remodel culture, there are enough layers of nostalgia in First Day of Camp to rend the fabric of space-time. It’s a 2015 prequel to a 2001 movie, set in 1981. To watch this reunion-cum-origin-story, with its middle-aged original cast putting on teenage drag again, is to feel a tug of memory for the aughts and the ’90s heyday of MTV’s The State and the ’70s and ’80s camp comedies it lovingly spoofs. If this eight-episode series were any more dense with resonances across time, it would be directed by Terrence Malick and have a prologue involving dinosaurs. READ MORE

David Wain and Friends Head Back to Camp on Netflix

KCRW: The Business - 7/27/15

Where does Ant-Man meet the American Sniper? At camp! The new Netflix series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is a prequel to the 2001 film that flopped even though the cast was packed with then unknown stars. Director David Wain tells how he got Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Janeane Garofalo and many others to reprise their roles as 1980’s counselors at Camp Firewood. LISTEN HERE

'Wet Hot American Summer' Prequel Creator and Cast Speak About Its Netflix Revival

Newsweek - 7/27/15

The series does more than pick up where Wet Hot American Summer left off; it returns to before that film takes place, to the start of Summer '81 at Camp Firewood, a fictional, mostly Jewish sleepaway camp in Maine. The big joke is that the actors, many of whom are in their 40s, have all aged a decade and a half, but are playing younger. READ MORE

The Wet Hot Reunion’s Insanely Packed Yearbook

Wired - 7/27/15

Between high camp and low camp, there’s summer camp. And on Friday, Netflix is rewarding fans of comedy crew The State’s 2001 cult film, Wet Hot American Summer, with an eight-episode reunion series. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp rewinds viewers to Camp Firewood in the summer of 1981. In the intervening years the cast has astonishingly accomplished—so much so that it’s hard to tell whether the alumni or the newcomers are bigger stars. Grab your bug juice and take a seat for the most overloaded talent show in the history of summer camp. READ MORE

Wet Hot American Summer stars didn't need a gournal to know they had a cult hit

Entertainment Weekly - 7/25/15

At the red carpet premiere for First Day of Camp in New York City, the cast and creators told EW about the moment when they first started to realize their box-office failure had become a beloved cult classic. READ MORE

Amy Poehler on Wet Hot American Summer prequel: ‘It’s just the right amount of dirty and weird’

Entertainment Weekly - 7/24/15

EW spoke with Poehler during our February visit to the WHAS: FDOC set. Read on to see what the Parks and Recreation alum had to say about revisiting her Wet Hot role of hard-edged thespian Susie, what to expect from Susie and Ben in the coming season, and her interest in shooting even more episodes down the country road. READ MORE

'Wet Hot American Summer': First Day of Camp' cast spills secrets to Willie Geist

TODAY's Willie Geist sat down with some of the "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" cast members, including Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Michael Ian Black, as well as the movie's writers and producers, David Wain and Michael Showalter, who spilled the secrets about why everyone was on board for the sequel. WATCH HERE

David Wain & Michael Showalter on The Tonight Show

While discussing Wet Hot American Summer, Jimmy Fallon, David Wain and Michael Showalter have the first ever Tonight Show Lip "Sing" Battle. WATCH HERE

‘Wet Hot American Summer': David Wain, Michael Showalter Don’t Want Show to Makes Sense

Variety - 7/23/15

From “The Hobbit” films to “Better Call Saul,” prequels have become increasingly popular. Normally, the writers and directors in charge of these projects take extreme amounts of care to make sure the continuity between all of their projects line up neatly.  Then there’s David Wain and Michael Showalter, the co-creators of the new Netflix series “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” which premiered Wednesday night at New York’s SVA Theater. READ MORE

‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Star Michael Ian Black: ‘I’d F*ck the Sh*t Out of Bradley Cooper’

The Daily Beast - 7/23/15

What was your favorite memory from shooting either the original Wet Hot American Summer or the new Netflix prequel? This carries across both experiences—I really liked lunch. The food or the conversation? Both. I liked the food and the conversation. / Who was your favorite person to talk to at lunch? I actually didn’t do any talking at lunch. It was really all about the food. READ MORE

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Review

Paste - 7/22/15

Perhaps the best thing I can say about First Day of Camp, other than that it’s consistently hilarious, is that it hardly ever repeats the movie. It finds entirely new territory to explore with the same absurd touch of the original. It’s an almost seamless continuation of a beloved classic, but also weird and hilarious enough on its own to work for somebody who’s never seen the movie. Even the toughest internet critic will struggle to find something to complain about. READ MORE

‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Review: Raunchy Netflix Prequel Kicks Ass

Deadline - 7/22/15

When it comes to Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp, I have almost nothing but good things to say. Debuting on Netflix on July 31, the eight-episode series is a prequel to the 2001 flick. Even though it flopped at the time, the Wain-directed film has achieved significant cult status. Flash forward to today and you have one of those rare circumstances where the prequel is better than the original. WATCH HERE

Review: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

The Verge - 7/22/15

What makes Netflix's prequel series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp so doubly insane is that so much of it is built around trying to explain that nonsense. For anyone who has cultishly memorized every line of the original film, no matter how meaningless (guilty), the rewards are plentiful. There are enough cameos and stunt castings to merit a steady clip of "holy shit"s. (Yes, there are three Mad Men alums in this show, and they are deployed perfectly.) READ MORE

‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’: TV Review

The Hollywood Reporter - 7/21/15

Netflix’s very funny "Wet Hot American Summer" revival revisits the denizens of Camp Firewood fourteen years later and two months earlier. But temporal matters have little meaning in the world of the disaster-prone Maine summer Camp Firewood, which might explain why creators David Wain and Michael Showalter have set their frequently hilarious eight-episode follow-up two months prior to the events of the gutbusting 2001 comedy. READ MORE

TV Review: ‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’

Variety - 7/21/15

The conceit of doing a “prequel” 14 years later to a production that already featured adults playing teenagers is, of course, the big joke. But director David Wain and writer-star Michael Showalter go one better by actually going back and filling in backstory to the original movie. READ MORE

Wet Hot American Summer Bus

BuzzFeed - 7/21/15

A bus filled with enthusiastic campers, swag, and games is traveling across the country before the prequel series First Day of Camp debuts on Netflix on July 31. READ MORE

Introducing…30 Digital Creatives to Know in 2015

VideoInk - 7/21/15

Jonathan Stern is a linear TV vet with a career stretching back to the early ’90s. In recent years,  he’s turned his attention the digital space, segueing from producing wacky Adult Swim series to even wackier web shows. Abominable Pictures currently has multi-title deals with Netflix, Hulu and Fox Broadcasting’s multiplatform production arm, as well as projects in development with multi-channel network Fullscreen. READ MORE

'Wet Hot American Summer': How Netflix Rescued a Cult-Comedy Classic

Rolling Stone - 7/20/15

We spoke to Wain and Showalter separately about how WHAS came back from the dead, how they got a who's-who of A-list movie stars back into their Camp Firewood t-shirts and whether there's more Wet Hot on the way. READ MORE

Meet the Staff Orientation:
Wet Hot American Summer Teaser

The staff at Camp Firewood are more than just counselors - they're your summer family. Get to know them now. Join us July 31 for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, a limited 8-episode series coming to Netflix. WATCH TEASER

Childrens Hospital Receives 4th Emmy Nomination

Two-time Emmy winner Childrens Hospital has been nominated for the 4th time for Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program. READ MORE

‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’ Continues the Comedy on Netflix

The New York Times - 7/15/15

How famous did Wet Hot American Summer make Michael Showalter? Underwear famous. Describing an attempt to return some Tommy John merchandise he ordered by accident, Mr. Showalter said that at the end of an exchange with a customer service representative, “They wrote, ‘If by any chance you are the Michael Showalter from Wet Hot American Summer, I very much look forward to watching the new episodes on Netflix.’” READ MORE

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp - Official Trailer

Catch the 8-episode series on Netflix, starting July 31st. And in the meantime, check out the full trailer here. WATCH TRAILER


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