You're Whole

You're Whole is a satirical television series created by Michael Ian Black for Adult Swim. It is presented as a parody of self-help infomercials and stars Black as the host, Randall Tyree Mandersohn. Randall is a "totally blind" volleyball-obsessed self-help guru and along with his wife Pam, he aims to help people improve their lives using a system that uses a bizarre mixture of objects and actions. Each episode of the series is advertised as part of a larger DVD set consisting of 27 discs. 

The series is directed by Michael Showalter and executive produced by Black and Abominable Pictures' Jonathan Stern.


"Absolutely fantastic." - Screen Crush

"Black, who gives a wonderfully committed performance, has pretty much every common trope of the self-help craze covered. You name it, he’s satirized it." - Slate

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Michael Ian Black

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Michael Ian Black (Creator)

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